英語教育のスペシャリスト チャールズ先生(大森) ETCマンツーマン英会話


チャールズ先生(大森) Q: お生まれはどちらですか?
Q: Where were you born?

I was born in the state of Wisconsin in the United States. It’s very close to Chicago.

Q: 育ったのもそちらですか?
Q: Did you glow up in the birthplace?

I grew up in Milwaukee, which is just the north of to Chicago. It is a very large lake, Lake Michigan. It’s much smaller than Tokyo and in the winter it is very very cold place. In summer, it’s not as humid as Tokyo.

Q: 趣味は何ですか?
Q: What is your hobby?

As you can see here mine, photography is one of my hobbies.

Q: 英語講師としての経歴を教えていただけますか。
Q: Please tell us about your teaching background.

ETC 英会話プライベートレッスン チャールズ先生

日本では英語講師としてたくさんの経験を積んでいますが、来日前に二年間 スペインのマドリードで英語を教えていました。
OK. I had a lot of experience teaching in Japan. But prior to that, before that, I started English for 2 years in Madrid, Spain.

And in Japan, I’ve taught for many individuals, many people, all ages, I’ve taught at many companies, I’ve been teaching classes at Sony for the past 12 years. I’ve taught at many agencies for the government.

目の不自由な方に教えていた経験もあります。その教え方は通常とは全く異なったものでした。一番の課題は 話すことだけですべての授業を行うことでした。
I once had a blind student. So of course I had to teach English in a very different way. Of course the many problems was that everything that I had to do to teach the students was through speaking.


ETC 英会話プライベートレッスン チャールズ先生

Of course he could not see what I wrote at any place. So I had to, I constantly had to review things by just repeating what I taught previously. So the reputation was very important and just communicating effectively with speech alone.

Q: (我々が英会話を学ぶ上で)スピーキング、リスニング能力を、高めるアドバイスをいただけますか?
Q: Please give your advice how we can improve our hearing and speaking abilities.

とても単純なことです。 練習、練習、そして練習です。
Three words. Practice! Practice! Practice!

Q: 英語学習に関して、日本人の生徒と他国の生徒との違いはどのような所でしょうか?
Q: What is the difference between Japanese students and students from other countries, with regard to their learning attitude?

スペインの学生はあまり英文法を学びません。それよりもコミュニケーションを取ることに興味を持っています。文法の小さな間違いをあまり気にしないのです。人と英語で話すのに大切なのは コミュニケーションであることを彼らは知っているのです。文法や語彙が常に完璧である必要は無い。小さな誤りは気にしない。だからこそ彼らは自然に短期間で話せるようになるのです。
In Spain they don’t study a grammar so much. They are more interested in communication. They are less concerned about making small mistakes. They know that when you are speaking with the another human being in English, what’s important is communication. Their vocabulary and grammar doesn’t have to be perfect all the time. They are much more willing to make small mistakes. So they can communicate more naturally and quickly.

ETC 英会話プライベートレッスン チャールズ先生

しかし日本では とてもシャイな生徒さんが多いですね。そして間違えることをとても気にします。特に他の生徒さんにその間違いを聞かれることを気にします。とても緊張して間違うことに神経質になりすぎなのです。
But in Japan, many students are very shy. And they really worry about making mistakes specially if there are other people that can hear those mistakes. And so they sometimes kind of tense up. And it’s just too nervous about making a mistake.

I think that’s very important that they are less concerned about making a mistake. And It’s OK. It’s just natural. And if you don’t make mistakes, you won’t learn.

ETC 英会話プライベートレッスン チャールズ先生もちろん 正しい文法は大切です。文法は言葉の根幹をなすものですから。しかし、すべての学習時間を文法に費やし、話すことをしなければ、それは、テニスの教科書を読むだけで、実際に一度もテニスラケットを握らないのと同じなのです。それでは意味がありません。外国語の勉強も同じことが言えます。話すことで学ぶのです。それが成功への鍵です。
I mean it, a good grammar is really important. That, you know, grammar is like the foundation of a language. But if you spend all your time studying these grammar rules and you don’t spend much time speaking language. And I mean it’s like, if you spend all your time reading a text book on playing tennis and then not ever pick up a tennis racket, that wouldn’t make much sense. That’s the same way with learning language. You have to, you can learn it by using it. That’s the key to success.