コメディ『Limmy’s Show』でグラスゴー英語(Glaswegian Accent)のお勉強

limmys_show Glaswegian Accent(グラスウィージャン・アクセント)とは、グラスゴーで話されている英語。発音、イントネーション、語彙も違い、英語語を母国語とするアメリカ人にとっても外国語に聞こえてしまうとのこと。


 今回取り上げたのはLimmy’s Show! の「York」。主人公のDee Deeが、グラスゴー郊外のヨーク(York)を、生まれて初めてバスで訪れます。Dee Deeはちょとおつむが弱いのか、Yorkの待ちでは、いろいろな施設にYorkという名前がついているので、「Hair by Les Porter」という美容院も、もともとはSmithのような名前だったのを、Yorkと韻を踏むためにPorterに改名したのだろうかと疑問を持ち始めます。



Fuckin… heading to the brew.
Heading to get my giro.
And I pass this couple of buses at the side of the road.
Everybody’s piling off the front one and into the one behind.
Auld folk like that “This is ridiculous.
Never used to be like this with the corporation buses”.
I was like that, I see, we’ve got ourselves a breakdown.
I checks to see where they’re all heading.
Yoker. And I just pissed myself laughing.

Cos Yoker’s one of these places I only know from the front of a bus.
Never been there, don’t know what it’s like, it’s just this pure fabled land that sounds like a pure mad egg yolk.
So I was watching everybody getting on, trying to show their tickets to the driver, but he wasn’t having it.
Just waving them on like that “Aye, I know where yous came from, I can see the bus, what d’yous think I am? Daft?”
And a wee voice in my head said “Dee Dee.
I know you’ve got to get your giro, but the brew’s always gonnae be there”.
“But this, on the other hand, is a once in a lifetime opportunity.
Go for it”.
So I just went like that…

Fuck it.

And I joins the queue.
Second’s I do it, the driver starts checking people’s tickets.
I was like that “Oh here, forget it”.
But I just got pure caught up in the slipstream.

Belting it towards the moment of truth at 100mph like a lamb to the slaughter.
Heart pounding. Pulse racing.

I was like that, this is like Midnight Express, I could get the jail

Right, what it is is…
I did it.
So there I was, bird’s eye view, whizzing by the brew like that,
“Ta ta giro, maybe some other day, ih?
Cos I’m on the bus… to Yoker”,
couldn’t believe what I was hearing in my head, man, seriously.
This was actually happening.
But then I thought, hold on.
Don’t get too excited.
There could be somebody looking at the back of your nut right now thinking “Here.
Who’s he? He’s not from Yoker.
He’s got no business being on this bus.
Get his head kicked, man”.
Nobody. I got away with it. Just pure got away with the lot of it.

So I loosened up and started chatting with folk, to get a bit of local knowledge before I got there.

So this bus is for Yoker, aye?



I’ve just moved there, is it good?

Aye, it’s a lovely place, I’ve lived there all my life, Yoker born and bred.

Mind boggling.

That you’ve never once in your life wondered what Yoker’s like.

Half an hour later, I start seeing the signs.
Yoker Newsagents. Yoker Post Office. Yoker F.C. Yoker everything.

They even had a barber that rhymed with Yoker.
“Hair by Les Porter”.
What are the chances of that?

Here, what’s the bets his name was Smith or something but he changed it to fit in.



Gets to the terminus.
And everybody starts piling off.
I hits the driver with my charms.

Driver, when d’you leave?

5 minutes.

I conked out and missed my stop, any chance you could gie’s a ticket so I can nip off for a fag?

And I puts my first step onto Yoker soil.
I was in Yoker.
I thought this day would never come.
Is it really this easy?
Is it really this easy to get the things you want in life?
You just need to hold out for it?

Suddenly had the urge to just go “Here, I’m not from Yoker, I’ve got no business being here!”
I thought “Calm it, Dee Dee”, that’s no laughing matter, they’d tear you to shreds.
Now, you’ve got 5 minutes, where d’you want to go, what d’you want to do… in Yoker.
I knew exactly what.

I had to. I had to find out.
I couldn’t leave without finding out what this was all about.

Bus was a million miles away.
I thought “Dee Dee, you truly are in the outer reaches here, man.
Middle of nowhere.
And in I went into the great unknown with a fucking ding.

To ask the one big question.

Les Porter?


Has your name always rhymed with Yoker?
Or did it used to be Smith… or something?

And then I thought… Dee Dee, you’ve just blown your cover.
Big time. Fuck you playing at, man, go, go!

Got out of there before they started chucking their scissors at me like ninja stars.
Before big Les scalped me and stuck my head on the wall.
Ten seconds to get to that bus, man, that’s your lifeline.
What does it start doing? Starts moving.
I was like that “Naw, man”.
Felt like giving up.

I’m not from Yoker, I’m not from Yoker.
I’ve got no business being here! I’m not from Yoker!

Let them finish me off like a pack of mad wolves.
But I just kept on running for my life like I had Leatherface on my tail.

Gets to the bus but he wouldn’t let me in.
I was like that, set up, whole thing’s a set up.

Them that were on that front bus, actors, the lot of them actors.

Door opens and I bolts upstairs, right under the seat.
Didn’t dare poke my head up for the next half hour in case they were going by in a
minibus, gasping to feast on me like a shower of zombie pirates.
Picked a moment.
Up the road.
Up the stairs.
In the house.
Lock, lock, lock.
Scary, man. Scary.
But the best day of my life.