“Smash and dash”の意味は

“Smash and dash”の意味は





Cruz: No alarm, no witnesses, no sign of a forced entry. It looks like a smash and dash.

さて、“smash and dash”とはどのような意味なのでしょうか。


“Smash and dash” is used for a robbery situation.
We smash the window, take something, and run away.
“Dash” means to run away.
But quite often, “hit and run” is common.
So instead of “smash and dash”, you can say “hit and run”.
But in this case, there is no alarm, no witnesses, and no sign of a forced entry, so somebody knew this person.
So they came in, they were invited into the house, no forced entry.
Nobody saw anything. It’s very quite. Nobody trip the alarm.
So the alarm was off. So they hit the person and then run away.
They attacked and ran away, then “smash and dash”.
The use of “smash dash” is “you smash the store window, you take something and run away”.
“Smash and dash”.


robbery  泥棒,強盗,強奪
smash  (強い力で粉々に)打ち壊す,割る
dash  突進する,急行する.
forced entry 突然、無断で入り込むこと
run away 逃げる


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